Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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June 2019 Exam Certificates

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

  • June 2019 Exam Certificates

On Thursday 14th June (4.00pm – 6.00pm), the Art Department will open its doors to show the work of this year’s Art GCSE Year 11 students. It will showcase ‘Component 1’ - the coursework portfolio (worth 60% of the qualification) and ‘Component 2’ - the Externally Set Assignment (worth 40% of the qualification) of every candidate.


Students have worked really hard to create comprehensive and skilful bodies of work, exploring personal and meaningful themes. In Year 10 students began the GCSE course studying a wide range of Art movements and researching/analysing the work of their favourite practitioners. Furthermore, teachers demonstrated technical skills and provided a wealth of practical opportunities so that students could develop their skillset.


During the two year GCSE journey, students have enhanced their methodologies through good practice, embedding learning processes make them permanent. Students have recorded from a wide range of primary sources, relevant to their ideas, themes and intentions. Students have been encouraged to visit sites which directly relate to their concepts and photograph/sketch what they see. This has enabled them to bring the outside into the class room to ensure their ideas are fully realised into well practiced and developed final outcomes. Students understood the rigor and breadth of development vital to their ‘development chapters’ as they planned every inch of their final pieces.


The title of this year’s Externally Set Assignment was ‘Fragments’ and students had 15 weeks preparatory time to produce research in the form of a sketchbook and various loose outcomes/maquettes. Producing a research project for this, amongst all of their other academic commitments was gruelling but the cohort rose to the challenge. They used learning experiences from their mock exam to shape success during the official exam. Edexcel’s requirements involved students sitting a two day (ten hour) examination in order to create evidence for their fourth assessment objective, worth 25% of the component.


The exhibition, curated by Ms Collins and Miss Upson celebrates the success of the Year 11 cohort as a ‘team’ of creative individuals.