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Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

Therfield presents   Alice in Wonderland   Wednesday 24th April 2019   Thursday 25th April 2...

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  • Therfield School - KS4 Results - Press Release

  • Therfield School - KS5 Results - Press Release

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  • Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

Before the end of term we saw our very very special event called Christmas Kings and Queens. This event was a Christmas tea party for local residents aged 65 and above and involved our Year 8 students preparing delicious food, serving tea and cakes, preparing beautiful decorations and buying and wrapping presents. The Music and Drama departments performed many of their Christmas favourites and the hearty singing of carols was enjoyed by all. Seeing the generations come together gave the warmest of feelings to everyone present and it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which I think represents the spirit of Christmas in an excellent way. My thanks go to [email protected] and LYP for helping our Year 8s deliver such a special occasion. Caitlin in Year 8 explains how she thoroughly enjoyed the day …….

‘It was a wonderful day, everyone had so much fun.

All the Year 8s got involved in some way. Whether they made Christmas cards, baked, donated a present, were there as company or provided some other form of entertainment, everyone had a job.

We had ladies and gentlemen from all over Leatherhead and Ashtead join us. Many would have just spent the day at home and were very glad for an opportunity to come out and chat with some new people. Many made a few new friends.

We all put in a lot of effort with the entertainment, lots of us had given up countless lunch times to prepare music and drama performances.

There were smiles all round from the guests and Year 8s alike. One guest said this;
“Oh it was lovely! My favourite had to have been the drama or maybe the poem, I can't decide I loved it all”

This was just one person's opinion but from the nods of agreement from the table I believe many agreed.

Many of us Year 8s agree that this has been our highlight of 2018. The preparation we put into this and the great feeling we got from completing it make this truly one of the best days. One of my friends said

“It was great seeing all our hard work pay off and seeing the joy our work brought other people. I wish it never had to end”

We all, guests and Year 8s, left happy and smiling.’