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Before the end of term we saw our very very special event called Christmas Kings and Queens. Thi...

Headteacher Award for Excellence

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The N5 Project

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Art Exhibition

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Key Stage 3:

We view KS3 as the start of a lifelong journey in science and we aim to reawaken and support student’s curiosity about world around us and how it works. The curriculum at KS3 aims to be challenging and thought-provoking, with scientific enquiry at its core and is developed to support all students in making their way towards GCSE success in year 11.

Science is covered in six lessons a fortnight with each of the sciences being taught as discrete units covering the National Curriculum content. Students study AQA Activate syllabus which covers what they need to know, what they must be able to apply and how to extend that knowledge where appropriate.

The new AQA syllabus covers all the working scientifically objectives which are weaved throughout lessons to give a solid grounding in scientific skills.  The syllabus has framework of literacy, numeracy and working scientifically which will enable our students to make the most of KS3 and prepare them to step up to KS4 study.


Key Stage 4:

Students are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Science through a variety of routes which aim to challenge and enthuse them to the applications of science to their world. We start this journey in year 9 to enable a depth and breadth of study which will support confidence in accessing GCSEs and/or further study of Science

We offer

AQA Combined Science GCSE Foundation tier entry (two GCSE award)

AQA Combined Science GCSE Higher tier entry (two GCSE award)

AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE (three GCSE option)

The variety of courses are offered to ensure that all students receive a  supportive, stimulating, dynamic and academically challenging experience ensuring they leave school confident to interact with science in their everyday life but also with qualifications that will support their next steps.


Key Stage 5:

The department offers A-levels in Biology (AQA), Chemistry (OCR) and Physics (AQA). These are highly respected A-levels that build superior analysis and problem solving skills. Practical work and exploration is integral to all three courses and each science has a specialised laboratory that is dedicated entirely to the study of KS5. These labs allow the space for students to discover new concepts, as well as giving the chance to refine their practical skills that will see them succeed in examinations and future careers. Small teaching groups ensure feedback is given quickly to help students progress as well as allowing for detailed and fascinating discussions to take place. Standards are very high with students regularly progressing to study science and engineering at leading Universities.

At all key stages, students are encouraged to develop their enjoyment and achievement in science with support being offered through revision sessions and booster classes.


Enrichment Activities:

The Department offers a range of enrichment activities.

There is a weekly science club for KS3 students in which students are offered the opportunity to enter for a CREST award. There is a hands-on STEM club offering a range of group activities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, allowing students to make cross-curricular links and to see how their learning can be used in a wider context.

At KS4 students are offered opportunities such as talks from guest speakers from fields as wide ranging as neuroscience to rocket science as well as opportunities for trips to Universities to see the range of possibilities on offer to them. 

Science week is an annual opportunity to promote the enjoyment of science within the school with additional activities and in class activities being provided within real life contexts.

At KS5 students are offered opportunities to put their learning into context through field trips, University trips and lecture days, as well as specialist trips abroad to locations such as the CERN laboratory in Switzerland in order to enhance and contextualise their developing understanding.


Staff and facilities:

The department consists of 8 specialist science teachers and 3 technicians. The teaching of science occurs in 11 dedicated laboratories 3 of which are set up especially for 6th form lessons. Each laboratory has an interactive whiteboard in addition to access to a class set of laptops with wireless Internet connection, data logging equipment and a wide variety of equipment that is used in practical lessons.