Summer 2019 Tanzania Expedition

Following the success of this summer’s expedition it is very exciting to be offering our Year 10, ...

Press Release GCSE Summer 2017

At Therfield we are, once again, very pleased with our students’ results in the more challenging G...

Press Release A Level Exams 2017

We are delighted with this year’s A Level results, all the more considering the increased level of...

DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, the Year 7 cohort collaborated in a one day ‘DT Workshop’ wh...


With Mark Hayward   A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness c...

  • Summer 2019 Tanzania Expedition

  • Press Release GCSE Summer 2017

  • Press Release A Level Exams 2017

  • DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)


Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 3 (11-14 Years) 

The curriculum in Key Stage 3 is designed to give all students the opportunity to experience a broad range of subjects. Students study English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Drama, Geography, History, Religious Education, Music, Design and Technology, Art, Textiles, Food Technology, Physical Education, Information Technology and Computing.

All students begin Year 7 in carefully structured mixed ability classes. During the course of the first term this is reviewed and students are set in some of their classes. As they continue through Key stage 3, students are set in a range of subjects including English, Maths and Science.


Key Stage 4 (14-16 Years)

Year 10-

The curriculum is based on an examined core of English, Mathematics, the Sciences and a humanities subject (History or Geography). Students are encouraged to continue with a Modern Foreign Language as one of their three options. Within this core curriculum there are different pathways for some subjects, such as Triple Science or Double Science courses. Students complete their GCSE programme by choosing options from a list that traditionally includes such subjects as Art, Business Studies, Catering/Food Preparation and Nutrition, Child Development, Drama, Geography, History, ICT/Computing, Music and Product Design. A BTEC course is also offered in Sport. All students in Year 10 study Religious Education and Physical Education. A small group of students in study Construction and Building Services Engineering.


All students in Key Stage 3 and 4 study Personal, Social and Health Education, SMSC and Citizenship. Careers information, advice and guidance is delivered across the curriculum as well as through discrete enrichment activities.

Such a broad curriculum reflects the schools desire for students to not only have the opportunity to achieve their potential academically but also gain experience in a broad range of other areas such as developing thinking skills, the ability to understand the world in which we live, the world of employment, to become independent learners and to be able to lead and manage others.


If you wish to find out more information about our curriculum, please contact Mrs S Stemp on [email protected] or via the school office.