Summer 2019 Tanzania Expedition

Following the success of this summer’s expedition it is very exciting to be offering our Year 10, ...

Press Release GCSE Summer 2017

At Therfield we are, once again, very pleased with our students’ results in the more challenging G...

Press Release A Level Exams 2017

We are delighted with this year’s A Level results, all the more considering the increased level of...

DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, the Year 7 cohort collaborated in a one day ‘DT Workshop’ wh...


With Mark Hayward   A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness c...

  • Summer 2019 Tanzania Expedition

  • Press Release GCSE Summer 2017

  • Press Release A Level Exams 2017

  • DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)


Student Homework Information

Therfield set homework for KS3 and KS4 students during the academic year. Your child should have been receiving regular homework since the start of the first term as research suggests that there is a clear link between students spending time completing homework and better results. The aim of homework is to provide students with access to the resources and information required to enable them to develop into independent learners and for you to be able to support this process effectively by being fully informed of our expectations.



KS3 students (years 7 through to 9) complete ILT’s (independent learning tasks), which can form a part of a project based approach where longer-term tasks, based around a specific theme, are set by the teacher. The projects are broken down into manageable pieces of work with clear deadlines, careful monitoring and formative assessment throughout to guide progress. Homework may also take the form of specific tasks that lead into subsequent lessons.


KS4 students will continue to be set homework regularly, however, due to the different demands of the range of qualifications we offer, there may be periods where the nature of homework varies. Guidance on homework for different subjects can be found on faculty/department pages and further information can be obtained by contacting your child’s teacher directly or the relevant Subject Leader.


Please do contact the school if you have any queries or concerns regarding the setting or marking of homework so that we can all work together to ensure your child makes the best possible progress with their learning.