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  • Summer 2019 Tanzania Expedition

  • Press Release GCSE Summer 2017

  • Press Release A Level Exams 2017

  • DT Workshop – Curriculum Enrichment Days (July 2017)


Lucky Numbers Club

What is the Therfield Lucky Numbers Club?

The Therfield Lucky Numbers Club is a scheme run by the Therfield School Trust to raise funds for the benefit of all pupils at Therfield School.

How do I join?

Send an email to [email protected] for an application form you can send directly to your bank, or complete the application form on the website and send to the Therfield School Office in an envelope marked for the attention of the Therfield Lucky Numbers Club.

How much do I pay?

The annual subscription is a minimum of £12 representing 12 monthly payments of £1. There is no maximum.

How do I pay?

By standing order (every month, six months or year) or by cheque (annually).

How does it work?

The numbers of all paid up members are entered into a monthly draw for three cash prizes. If you pay, for example, £1 a month you have one entry in each monthly draw. If you pay £3 a month you have 3 entries etc. In addition to the monthly draw there is a bonus prize draw every December of £200.

How much can I win?

30% of membership money is paid out in prizes each month, so the more members there are, the bigger the prize.

• First prize is 50% of the prize money
• Second prize is 30% of the prize money
• Third prize is 20% of the prize money

For example - if we have 200 members paying an average of £4 a month, the prizes would be £120, £72 and £48 and £560 would be raised for the school. In addition, each December there is a bonus draw for a £200 prize.

Rules of the Therfield Lucky Numbers Club?

1. The Club shall be known as the THERFIELD LUCKY NUMBERS CLUB
2. Membership is open to:
     a) All parents/guardians/grandparents of past and present pupils attending Therfield School
     b) School Governors and Staff 
     c) Former pupils of Therfield School
3. Membership is by the purchase of a minimum of one share at £1 per month.
4. The percentage of income distributed in prizes shall be at the discretion of the organizing committee but at no time will the total value of the prizes fall below 30% of the total income.
5. All paid up members will be entered for each month’s draw according to their shareholding.
6. A draw will take place every month and will be witnessed by at least three persons. Winners’ names will be listed on the Therfield School website.
7. Income over and above the prize money will be paid to the Therfield School Trust.
8. The club will be managed by the Therfield School Trust.
9. For all other matters the Club will be subject to the overall rules of the Therfield School Trust as set out in its constitution