Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

Friday 28th June saw Mrs Pickett, Miss Kidd and Mr Lawson heading to the Brecon Beacons with 23 students, ready and eager for their Gold D o E qualifying expedition.

After a (long) battle with heavy traffic the campsite came into view, well the field and tap which was to become their home for the night.  Tents were soon appearing as the rain began to fall, fortunately not enough to dampen spirits (unlike the practice in Snowdonia!) and after a brief chat with their assessor students settled down for the night, with Pen Y Fan in their sights for the next morning.

No students had chosen the summit of Pen Y Fan as their checkpoint, however they were (pleasantly I hope) surprised to see all the staff and their assessor waiting for them on the summit and as students walked on to their next point staff made their way back down, some on bikes, some running to ensure they saw as much of their groups as possible.  Having conquered Pen Y Fan the routes then got easier for each group and all were settled in their respective campsites by 5pm, as the smell of chorizo risotto drifted from some areas and the midges descended for a feast!  Driven into tents by the biting insects, most groups settled for the night, two groups preparing for their longest day (little did they know…..).

Dawn broke and the groups set off, two groups having a long route with navigation which was not too challenging, meanwhile two other groups were met with disappearing and non-existent footpaths in dense woodland, followed by barren open ground.  Not to be beaten they soldiered on into more woodland with stunning waterfalls, and (unfortunately) more challenging navigation.  Two weary groups were still 5km away from their campsite at 8pm, so to boost morale (?) they were joined by Mrs Pickett and Dave as they completed the final section.  Never have I seen a group so happy to hear the sound of ‘we all live in a yellow submarine’ drifting across the hills as they spotted another group who had walked 3km to meet them and help with their packs.  As they arrived into camp everyone rallied round to ensure tents were up quickly and food was prepared, I suspect eyes were shut before heads hit pillows that night.

The two groups who had endured the long day now had an easier day (meanwhile the other two had the challenging day to beat) and it was a much shorter day for all, by now we had seen very little rain and while students were tired, as is normal for day three they were upbeat and discussing which service station to stop at on the way home (KFC or Burger King, a very important choice at this stage).  All groups were settled into tents much earlier than the day before and ready for the final day, with three groups tackling Pen Y Fan again!

With a deteriorating weather forecast groups were keen to be at the vehicles before the rain set in, and as staff once again made their way to the summit of Pen Y Fan and packets of haribo (or ‘moralibo’ as some students now call them) appeared in hedges or ‘fell’ out of van windows each group made their weary and footsore way to the finish, beating the rain and the embarking on the journey home (via KFC).

Once again it was an absolute privilege to spend 4 days with such self-motivated students, particularly watching their selflessness as they helped each other in times of difficulty, as ever I am immensely proud of the 23 students who have now successfully completed their qualifying expedition – well done guys!