Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

 Summer Mountain Experience – and for the first time it was sunny!
Wednesday 17th July saw the fourth Mountain Experience visit preparing to leave, buses and vans were loaded with 20 students, 8 staff, waterproofs, sun cream and 280 pieces of homemade cake! 6 hours later and we pulled into our base for the next few days, and in the tradition of ‘experiential learning’ each student group was passed a tent and left to grapple with poles and guy ropes…….help was eventually offered to ‘straighten things out’ before dinner was served.  In a change from previous years students were issued with a trangia and their helping of sausage casserole and sent away to heat it up and collect bread and cheese to complement it before finishing with fresh strawberries and raspberries (and the sun was still shining….).  Following the success of the ‘alternative cluedo’ on our winter trip it was time for students to choose a name, innocent object and setting, having received these it was time to plot the untimely demise of others – and all were out to ensure Mrs Pickett suffered and ‘unfortunate event’, unfortunately two students had been ‘knobbled’ before bed so students settled down to sleep thinking about the days which lay ahead and how they could carry out their individual missions…….
The cantilever was the target for the next morning so three groups set off from the car park, with unfamiliar words ringing in their ears – put sun cream on and do you have 2 litres of water?  Each group had chosen their members and Mrs Pickett’s group were exceptionally fast (despite being asked to slow down – ‘let the old lady catch up’!) and accompanied by Jack Munnings and Mr North they made speedy time up the scramble and soon had the cantilever in sight, followed shortly by the next two groups and the obligatory photograph was taken – 27 this year and still no ‘wobble’ form the stone! An ‘unfortunate event was foiled at this point as Matt tried to hand his object to Scott on the cantilever, but several other students had now fallen, and one student was emerging as a ‘serial cluedo killer’ The descent was warm but made pleasurable by a little ‘foot dipping’ in the lake as we stopped for a well-earned rest, then ice creams at the bottom (and the sun was still hining…..).  We were camped alongside a small river so after a quick risk assessment (Mrs Pickett getting in the water and splashing around) the students were soon cooling off after a challenging route.  Spaghetti Bolognese and homemade cake followed before weary
students made their way into tents, Mrs Pickett had now overtaken the ‘serial killing student by claiming her third victim with a map in the people carrier, it was now war – students and staff could be heard saying “who’s got Pickett, we have to get her!”.

On our first visit four year ago we climbed Tryfan, a scramble from start to finish, we have been unable to attempt it again due to poor weather, not this time, the sun shone once again so 20 students and 8 staff began the hot scramble to the summit, with some overcoming personal fears of heights/exposure to be rewarded with a fantastic summit, views across Snowdonia and a new photograph opportunity.  Mrs Pickett requested that her team take a slow and steady approach to the descent, no such luck as Lewis bounced like Tigger from rock to rock as he expertly led us down to the path and eventually the car park, It was an impressive ‘killing’ from Selous as he handed a frying pan to a student by a rock, he was catching Mrs Pickett up again……(and the sun was still shining……).  Barbecue was on the menu for the evening so after another dip in the river to cool off several students set about cooking 52 sausages and 30 burgers accompanied by salad and a mountain of bread rolls.
The next day was to be spent on the sea so with more sun cream applied it was off to Anglesea for kayaking and coasteering (and poor Mr North had innocently succumbed to a piece of fruit in a field that morning, who was still alive?).  Students spent half a day kayaking, or trying to be capsized by others as it was so hot, and the other half of the day scrambling around some of the beautiful coastline of Anglesey and jumping into the sea from heights of up to 10m, the first jump felt cold and from then on it was refreshing to be cool as (you’ve guessed it) the sun was still shining…….

The day was finished with pizza, freshly cooked on site and instructions on how to get cleared up the next morning for climbing, the tension as mounting in our alternative cluedo as Mrs Pickett was still alive and no one was owning up to having her (and unbeknown to them she was planning her 5th ‘unfortunate event’).
Sunday dawned (cloudy!) and staff were woken early by teenagers packing tents, they were keen to be in the first climbing group, so off we went towards Betws and some retail therapy or climbing. After a hard uphill walk students were climbing on clean, warm rock as once again the sun was shining (yippee) and many overcame different fears as they had to trust their belayer and a few had very interesting abseil techniques.  The trip was now drawing to a close and students headed back towards the minibus, two people were plotting their next victims demise……Unfortunately both were foiled, Selous made a valiant effort with a helmet on Mrs Pickett, but she realised just before she took hold of the ‘weapon’, however she was also foiled as Max had been warned and saw through her plot to hand him a fleece on a bridge.  It was with sad faces that several vehicles loaded began the journey back to Surrey (and the sun was still shining…….).
As we approached junction 9 on the M25 traffic slowed to a standstill – we were on a bridge and Max had chosen to sit behind Mrs Pickett, an innocent request for him to place her fleece into her basket and Max had succumbed, Mrs Pickett could now sleep well knowing she had not been beaten (and the sun was still shining……)
None of these trips can take place without the support of staff members and Mrs Pickett could not have run the trip without the support of Miss Haig, Mr Terry, Mrs Squire and Mr North, along with Andrew Nye (a regular helper), Mr Kershaw and Jack Munnings (an ex-student) so a big thank you from Mrs Pickett to them.  And once again the students involved made Mrs Pickett proud to be part of the team here at Therfield, watching them confront individual fears, grow in confidence, learn new skills and support each other over the 4 ½ days in an absolute privilege, just can we please book the same weather for next year??????