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Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

Therfield presents   Alice in Wonderland   Wednesday 24th April 2019   Thursday 25th April 2...

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  • Therfield School - KS4 Results - Press Release

  • Therfield School - KS5 Results - Press Release

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  • Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

After months of preparation, rehearsals and hard work the dedicate cast of ‘Skellig’ comprising of 20 students from year 7, 8 and 9 stepped on to stage to tell their story.
The show lasted for two nights and the cast rose to the occasion putting on a wonderful, moving and heart warming performance. The students were exceptionally professional and maintained their focus for the entire performance lasting 1hour 20 minutes without an interval.

Skellig is a story about faith, friendship and learning how to fly. The story follows Michael, a 12 year old boy, and his family as they move house. A house that is falling apart with a toilet in the dining room! His mother gives birth to his baby sister prematurely during the move and the baby is rushed to hospital. An anxious Michael spends time off school whilst the family deals with what has happened. Whilst Michael is off school he adventures in to the garden, where he meets Mina, the girl who lives next door and forms an everlasting friendship. Mina is, in Michael’s eyes, ‘extraordinary, she is home school and has a love of art, literature and nature. In the garden Michael also ventures in to the garage, ‘amongst old tea chests, broken wash basins, bags of cement, piles of newspaper and great boxes of old nails all covered in dust and spiders webs’ he discovers a strange man. Together Michael and Mina nurse the strange man back to health. The strange mans name is ‘Skellig’ and beneath is jacket are wings that unfurl from his shoulder blades. Skellig visits Michael’s mum in her dreams, or so we are lead to believe, and in return for Michael and Mina’s kindness helps breathe life back into the baby.

During the rehearsals the students were extremely dedicated; they took on the mammoth task of learning lines from an extensive script as well as having input on directing the show and giving ideas about the staging. The Physical Theatre Cast worked with two 6th form students Leah Fullalove and Jasmine Williams, both A level Drama and Theatre Studies students, to devise the three interludes of ‘dream sequences’ which were distorted, abstract and nightmare inducing.

Oscar Leonard who played young Michael has commented that ‘The overall show was enjoyed massively and all the cast members enjoyed performing and the overall atmosphere of the show and being on stage. Since the auditions I have enjoyed the rehearsals with lots of humor involved. The whole time has been great and it has been a great experience for all the cast members and me and that experience will give me a very big boost in life and the future. Finally I have really enjoyed spending time with all the cast members and I have made a good bond with all of them. It, without a doubt, has been a great adventure for all the cast members’ and me.

After the show the audience commented on how professional and talented the students were and how much they had enjoyed the performance. One parent commented on how their child had developed throughout the process and how far they had come from their primary school performances’ with the encouragement of the staff and 6th form students involved in the show.

A huge thank you and well done to all the cast on a fantastic performance.

Miss Chard
Director of Skellig and Teacher of Drama