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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

  • June 2019 Exam Certificates

‘I loved today, from the area of London we were in, to the people we met. The artists were hugely varied, from sound, Fine Art to design…all of them are making an impact. My favourite part of the day was easily Rebecca Wright as her presentation and concepts opened up a side of Graphic Design never known to me before.’


On Monday 18th November, four A2 and seven AS Art students visited the Institute of Education (IOE) to hear a series of artists/designers speak about their practice and the themes/subjects which inspire their practice.
The keynote speakers included –Chris Orr (RA) who is an illustrator and print-maker, Aura Satz an artist who specialises in film and installation, Rebecca Wright a graphic designer and lecturer at Central St. Martins and Turner Prize nominee David Mach (RA) who is a sculptor.
‘To hear from women, not just men, in the creative industry was particularly inspiring. Rebecca showed how the ratio of men to women designers had changed over the years and it was really inspiring. She also linked Art to Maths and Literature which was really interesting.’


The talks took place in the IOE’s lecture theatre. Nine hundred sixth form students from schools and colleges across London and surrounding counties attended.
For the majority of our sixth form students, it was the first time they had stepped inside a University and experienced the lecture style approach to study. Students initially found note-taking difficult as they had to be extremely selective in what they recorded. However, after several talks, they found their stride and noted details which were relevant to their practice.
‘Today has been useful because I have learnt from the artists about manipulating ideas to incorporate many different ideas. I therefore understand that the first piece may not be the best or a final piece and that I can take the better aspects of a piece to create a stronger piece.’


Each talk lasted approximately fifty minutes and there was a question and answer session afterwards. Miss Upon and Ali Izagaren put their hands up during different talks and asked the artists questions. Ali’s question prompted David Mach to question what his making process involved and how much planning was involved for each of his projects.
Students were especially inspired by Rebecca Wright who made the point that Graphic Design is for everyone – everywhere. Therfield’s AS Art students were buzzing afterwards, critically discussing the content of her lecture in the Student Union.
 ‘I found today a very useful trip. I discovered four new artists with very different approaches, from enormous bright pink sculptures to tiny flame shows, controlled by the human voice. My favourite artist was David Mach as he was extremely bubbly and viewed things in a unique way.’


Students will use their lecture notes to present research pages in their sketchbooks of the day. Pupils will investigate their favourite artist/designer’s work in more detail in the hope that it will inform their later practice. A2 students who are currently writing a personal study which critically evaluates the work of 4-5 practitioners can apply today’s learning to this written component of their course.
‘I loved today’s lectures. The artists were very inspiring, sharing with us the different areas we could go into, in the future. They showed us that there are no limits to how creative you can be in the creative industry.