Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

  • Sixth Form Application Now Open

  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

Cloud hung over the party as they made their way up the ski road for the final time, having requested some rope and belay skills as their student choice.  As we neared the car park we drove out of the cloud to blue sky, white mountains and a spectacular view of the cloud below us, what a way to end the week!

A short walk into the snow filled valley before students donned harnesses and helmets,time to dig!  First was the 'bucket seat' a pit dug in the snow to sit in and belay your partner up the slope, before learning how to stop your partner gently if they fell or slid.  This meant students running down the slopes hoping for a gentle stop,or deliberately falling over so their partner could hold their slide - lots of laughter and smiles in the sunshine.  Further skills included using your ice axe as a belay and building snow bollards, before trying to break each of them to see how strong they were.

As the wind began to pick up and students were tiring we left the snow filled valley behind and headed back to Aviemore to return damp boots and pickup pizza for the evening. Students had done all of the cooking up until now (with a little help) so this evening it was time for the staff to cook for them, homemade potato wedges, cheese and potato skins and pizza soon disappeared into hungry students before a debrief, what would they change if planning it again.....cake which stayed fresh for longer was one request and not waking up in a snow hole another (although they enjoyed the experience of sleeping in it just not the waking up!)

A short awards ceremony followed dinner, with awards ranging from 'chief digger', 'last girl standing' and 'no more squashed sandwiches' to 'bedtime story Ben'.  Just the flight home tomorrow and own beds for the night.....