Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility


It was time once more for intrepid Therfield students to make the journey to North Wales to sample a variety of mountain activities, so with an unfriendly looking forecast, bags packed and loaded along with the, now customary, homemade cake – the convoy was off.


The forecast was for rain showers until 6pm, so our arrival shortly after should ensure a dry start, and it did, tents were erected with suitable haste and efficiency (from some) before dinner was heated and everyone sat down to a meal of four sausage hotpot before settling into tents.


The summit of Glyder Fach (994m) was the target for the day, via a ridge scramble for the obligatory cantilever photograph.  The students were split into three groups, and as the sun shone we soon realised we had a fast group, another fast group and an even faster group!  The summit was gained in record time by all, and the cloud parted for the photo, several students were sure they felt the stone ‘wobble’ this year, I think it was their imagination (I hope it was….).  As we had plenty of time, the Idwal Squeeze’ was next on the agenda (after a sneaky ice cream), it all began well as Elliot Woodhouse was out of the top almost before his feet had entered at the bottom, followed by two more students making it look easy, then the ‘squeeze’ bit back, students started ‘sliding’ back down……….A pep talk from the successful ‘squeezers’ and it was game on again……with every student getting through and a couple of less than graceful exits into the safe hands of Mrs Pickett.


The forecast for the following day was thunder, lightning, strong winds and slow moving showers, so it looked like the summit of Tryfan might have to wait another year, dinner was eaten and cleared and everyone settled to bed, with fingers crossed for the met office to be wrong….as tents were battered by strong wind, rain and the odd rumble of thunder overnight.  But we woke to clearing skies, dropping winds and the promise of dry rock, so the summit it was!  At 917m Tryfan is not the highest point in Snowdonia, however it is a scramble from start to finish, so students had to work together pointing out good holds, foot placements and support each other to the top.  Once again the groups were fast, fast and even faster, with Mrs Pickett’s group reaching the summit in just over 2 hours, followed by the other two groups.  A fast descent allowed plenty of time for an evening barbecue once back at camp, and we felt we were weather blessed and nothing could now go wrong…………..then disaster struck!


Saturday morning dawned, threatening clouds hung overhead, but it was Ok, we were coasteering and kayaking so going to get wet anyway……then the rain began, and the leak in Mrs Pickett’s tent became apparent as we placed washing up bowls in strategic places.  There was only one thing for it, head out for the day and hope it would stop raining, so to Llanberis we went with excited chatter in the bus about the jumps into the sea and who could kayak, only to arrive at the centre which looked deserted……no racks of wetsuits, buoyancy aids or kayaks – what was going on?


A booking mix up meant they were not ready for us, what do you do with 27 in the pouring rain?  The centre booked us onto a tree-top trail (similar to Go Ape) for the afternoon, but that still left the morning……while Ben Pattison was voting for Electric Mountain (a tour of the hydro-electric power station, it was free….), Mrs Pickett felt a cinema visit might appeal to more students (she had been to Electric Mountain…..), so Llandudno Junction it was, Miss Hobson taking the older (?) members of the party into ‘How to Train your Dragon 2’, while Mrs Pickett and Steve sat in the back row with 18 students for ‘The Dawn of Planet of the Apes’, before we all headed to the high ropes course, by which time the rain had stopped and we were all back in t-shirts.  Nerves were overcome as students negotiated the obstacles built into the trees before heading back to camp for pizza and packing (and bailing out Mrs Pickett’s tent!).


24 hours later than planned and we were on our way to Anglesey for coasteering, with the promise of sunshine…..the sun did not arrive, but caves were squeezed, wriggled and screamed through, with the word ‘jellyfish’ causing many a student to swim for their life!  The morning culminated in a 10 metre jump into the sea, not for the fainthearted, but done by many of the students with Miss Hobson and Mrs Pickett ‘squealing’ a little as they jumped…..


Back to Llanberis for lunch and ‘messing around’ on the water in kayaks, open canoes and stand-up paddle boards.  What followed could only be described as carnage, groups pitting themselves against each other in a variety of games, which seemed to result in a lot of capsizing and swimming and some very odd animal noises!  We have done this day for the last four years, and some students were on their third trip, all agreed that this was the best coasteering/kayaking day so far, so a massive thank you to Phil and his team at Surflines for such a great day – Thank you!


Tired and a little damp, we all headed back to Surrey, with most students saying they wished they did not have to go home (but most of the cake was now gone, so nothing to stay for!).  This is my fifth trip and they seem to get better each year, it is an absolute pleasure to spend 4 ½ days with such motivated, supportive, well mannered (not to mention fast!) students, but none of it can be done without the support of others and it was the turn of Miss Hobson to join us this year, along with Steve Kershaw and 6 ex-Therfield students (Peter Stock, Ben Morgan, Oliver Wilson, Alex Willcocks, Lucy Willcocks and Ben Pattison), all of whom are veterans of the Adventurous Activities offered here at Therfield and the smooth running of the trip was down to their excellent support – thank you!