Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

It was with an unseasonably warm forecast (for the first few days) that 15 students headed to North Wales for their Gold training and practice, spirits were high as the minibus headed North…..

Tents set up and the training began, with groups taking a short walk near their base to revisit the ‘rusty’ navigation skills from their Silver adventures.  Many groups had brought home cooked food for night one, so settled down to enjoy one home comfort before turning into tents for the night.

Day two saw the ‘advanced’ navigation begin, groups were taken into the hills above Bethesda and taught the delights of pacing, timing, bearings, contour interpretation and ‘how to find an invisible sheepfold’.  This training is challenging, often completing by those working towards their Mountain Leader Award, the students did well to master these skills before once again returning to their tents for a ‘blow by blow’ text message account of the Australia vs England rugby match……..not happy reading for those brave enough to wait up.

Spirits were restored the next day as the sun shone giving unrivalled views into the Snowdon Horseshoe as the groups began putting their new skills to the test.  Both aimed for the summit of Moel Siabod, but by differing routes……….team one made it successfully to the summit for lunch – wondering why they could see team two at the bottom – why would be revealed later.  After navigating back to the campsite and both groups being reunited everyone was keen to know why team two’s plan had changed, it involved some micro navigation and a patch of solid looking sphagnum moss, which turned out to be not so solid after all…… student got a little wetter than anticipated and ‘how to deal with an unexpected situation’ was practised by the team (extremely well), only realise the map was now missing……….So the ‘slightly damp’ students returned to the ‘not so solid patch of moss’ and retrieved the map – good effort!

Day three saw the groups begin their unaccompanied section of the training, and the rain arrived, not stopping until the early hours of the next morning.  The two groups soldiered on in the increasingly wet conditions, arriving in camp in good time, a break in the weather allowed them to get tents up and cook before settling down to sleep/listen to the rain and dream of hot showers, mum’s home cooked food and a comfortable bed as they were finishing the next day.

Day four is both the easiest – as groups know they are ‘on their way home’ and the hardest as they are now tired, this was no different, but at last the rain had stopped and the sun was now shining again.  Timely departures from camp meant that progress was good and checkpoint one was soon reached and groups moved onwards to checkpoint two and a little surprise/reward from Mrs Pickett – homemade cake, it always lifts spirits on that last day!

Once again all the students involved successfully completed the training, doing themselves and Therfield proud, which did not go unnoticed.  We moved campsite this year and the owner was concerned that the group did not have a staff member present, he then stopped me on their final night to say what  credit they were to their school, particularly in terms of campsite ‘tidiness’ and how respectful they were of others.

As always, I am extremely proud of the achievements of all our students and know what a commitment gold D o E is, and this group are no exception, I look forward to joining them on their final expedition in June.


Helen Pickett

Leader of Outdoor Adventurous Activities