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  • Therfield School - KS4 Results - Press Release

  • Therfield School - KS5 Results - Press Release

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  • Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

9th March 2016 -

Olivia Nevins, Year 9

Today we visited Brighton for the day with our Exchange partners. First we completed a quiz, which meant we had to walk around the town and laines answering the questions. We then met back at the Pier where we had some chips and some time to talk, eat and take photos. The winners were then announced. Jess, Anna, Lara and Veronika were the winners with a very high score of 40 points. They won a milkshake of their choice from Moomoo. After that, we then had two hours of free time where many of us went shopping and played on the beach. We had lots of fun and really helped to us to get to know our partners a little better and we also got to meet many other people. 


Farhan Chughtai, Year 10

Ah, a day in Brighton! Who wouldn’t like that? OK, you can have a beach holiday in the Bahamas, but Brighton is reachable and full of attractions! We are taking part the German Exchange trip (or Deutschaustauschreise if you want to be all fancy and German) and the trip to Brighton on Wednesday 9th March, 2016 was the first outing with our partners.

We all had to arrive at school by 8:15 AM. Then, Mr Malley introduced himself to the German students. Afterwards, we all boarded the coach at 8:30 AM and arrived in beautiful Brighton at 9:45 AM. As soon as we arrived, we all walked up to the Royal Pavillion (the building that looks like the Taj Mahal) and split up for the big quiz. The quiz included trivia questions about Brighton and a competition for photos of certain objects. If we were feeling REALLY keen, we also collected weird objects, like lollipop sticks and bottle caps. Fun! The quiz finally finished at 11:30 - congratulations to Lara, Anna, Jess and Veronika for winning!

Finally, we had two hours to do whatever we wanted: go shopping, eat food or go sightseeing. Then, we returned home at 2:15 PM for a well-earned rest. Many thanks to the teachers who organised this event!