Transition to Therfield from Year 6

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Closure Update - 2nd April

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School Band Performance

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Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

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  • Transition to Therfield from Year 6

  • Closure Update - 2nd April

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  • School Band Performance

  • Fox Grove - Therfield Sports Facility

Adam Lassiter, Year 9

The exchange was fun, but the best day was when the partners were in the school. They started off with a tour of the school with some of the English partners, after that they came with us to period two (Geography or History) and once break had finished they came with us to period three (English or Religious studies.) Period four was when we helped our exchange partners write about us, our family and about the time they spent with us. Then they spent lunch time with us and many of their friends on the Astroturf. When tutor time came around they came with us and spent the tutor time with our little tutor family. Lastly we made scones for an hour in the food tech rooms - most were fine but a few groups turned out more like biscuits than scones. When the end of school bell rang we all went home until 4:30 when we went back for afternoon tea and karaoke. Unfortunately it ended at 6:30 when we all had to go home and pack for the partners’ return to Munich. The next morning was an emotional one because we had to say good bye to one another. But we all look forward to seeing them in Munich in four months time.


Rebecca McDonough, Year 9

So it was the last day of German exchange and it was spent at school for the majority of it. First, the exchange partners had a tour around the school led by us. Me and Emma were left with a group of ONLY boys. We were both very embarrassed. After that, they came to period 2 which for me was Geography. There were about 5 exchange students in our class who were quite eager to experience school in England. Then at break, we all introduced our partners to our many friends. They loved meeting new people and some wonderful friendships were made. 

Unfortunately, in lesson 3 most of us had to part due to being in the same English class. Finally, we reunited again in period 4 where we went to the computer room to help the exchange students write about English traditions and life in England before taking them with us to where we normally go at lunch time. Before making scones, they came to tutor with us whilst we attempted at the science interhouse quiz.

Now onto one of the best bits. FOOD. Surely everyone loves food. You can’t go wrong with a bit of scone making. We got into groups of 8 and I was with Olivia, Katie, Dana and our partners. We chose to have plain scones whilst JoJo (Olivia’s partner) ate all the raisins. I have to say ours turned out quite well but I never got to try any.  :/

We all came back at 4:30 (well my partner and i were late but shh, we were fashionably late) to have afternoon tea and some good karaoke. That evening, we discovered some great talent and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so it was a shame when it all came to an end at 6:30. We all went home and helped our partners pack for their departure in the morning. It was quite sad but we can’t wait to go to Munich in 3 months time.