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  • Therfield School - KS4 Results - Press Release

  • Therfield School - KS5 Results - Press Release

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  • Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

With Mark Hayward


A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness course, named KPSTA (Keeping People Safe Through Awareness). The course was made up of two sessions held in Therfield’s school sports hall. This was an excellent opportunity to learn life skills of how to stay safe in our community. The course was run by Mark Hayward who has vast expertise in personal safety. Mark works with organisations such as Princes Trust and also young career groups developing self-esteem and confidence. He runs a GB Taekwondo session via the KICK SISTER program, which has been incredibly successful and now sees a number of empowered young women competing in Olympic level Taekwondo.

This is the second year we have had the opportunity to run this course for free, due to Marks kind nature and willingness to educate the young people of his community. Therefore, I was pleased to see a lot of interest for this course, which resulted a full class. All parties involved attended the course with great gusto, although the course was challenging everyone gave it their best effort.


The first session covered the theory behind safety awareness and ways you can prevent an unsafe situation developing. This included Cyber- Safety, which was thought provoking to both daughters and mums.

‘Mark does a really great job delivering some very difficult messages, with the right balance of seriousness and humour’.


The second session was active learning, where we were taught how to defend ourselves in order to run away from the unsafe situation. Not only was this really informative, as you can see by the photographs it was also a lot of fun. At the end of the session we had time to experience one on one combat, which for most of the group was their first experience. The course was very valuable to those who attended and we hope to run another course in the future.

‘I think it's a really valuable experience for mums and daughters, it should be compulsory in all schools!’ ‘I seriously have never done anything like that before and have possibly never enjoyed myself so much!’


I have seen the huge benefits in the empowerment this course bought to the individuals involved and I hope they continue to walk with confidence.