Kings and Queens

Before the end of term we saw our very very special event called Christmas Kings and Queens. Thi...

Headteacher Award for Excellence

I’m very privileged every year to present 12 students in Years 7-10 with the Headteacher Award.  T...

The N5 Project

We were very excited to have been awarded a grant of £29,500 from The Savoy Education Trust allowi...

Art Exhibition

On Thursday 14th June (4.00pm – 6.00pm), the Art Department will open its doors to show the work o...

  • Careers Fair

  • Kings and Queens

  • Headteacher Award for Excellence

  • The N5 Project

  • Art Exhibition

School Governors

Should you wish to contact Mr Rob Hart please email [email protected]



Special Responsibilities

Chair of Governors: Rob Hart

Vice Chair of Governors: Katie Miller

Looked After Children: Katie Miller

Child Protection/Safeguarding: Katie Miller

Governor responsible for liaising with the LA in the event of an allegation against the Headteacher: Rob Hart

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Disadvantaged Children: Aurora Sinclair

Equality: Matt Rennie



Wed 12th Sept - SESSET Trustees - The Ashcombe
Wed 3rd October - SESSET Trustees - Therfield
Wed 12th December 2018 - SESSET Trustees & AGM for Members - The Warwick
Wed 3rd April 2019 - SESSET Trustees - The Ashcombe
Wed 22nd May- SESSET Trustees - Therfield
Wed 17th July - SESSET Trustees - The Warwick