Open Evening

Therfield School Open Evening Thursday 14th September 2017 - 5.30-8.30pm Headteacher talks at...


With Mark Hayward   A group of Therfield young ladies and mothers completed a safety awareness c...


This week the Art department have organised three events for Therfield’s annual Creative Arts inte...

Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

On Tuesday 7th March 2017, seven A Level photographers travelled from Leatherhead station to Russe...

Year 7 Science visit Surrey University

On Wednesday 22nd February, 14 Year 7’s took a trip to Surrey University to experience a day of le...

  • Open Evening



  • Art in Action – Artist Lecture Visit

  • Year 7 Science visit Surrey University

Staff List 2016

Teaching Staff

Ashburner Alison Miss
Bailey-Morrissey Claudette Dr
Baggs Helen Mrs
Berryman Mitchell Mr
Blackwell Charlotte Mrs
Blythman Adam Mr
Bryant Sandra Miss
Buckell Julia Ms
Busswell Linda Mrs
Butts Lucy Ms
Byrne Alison Miss
Chamberlain Christopher Mr
Chegwin Catherine Ms
Clarke Steve Mr
Collins Melanie Miss
Cowlin Peter Mr
Devonshire Ellis Miss
Di Salvo Fabio Mr
Eales Ellie Mrs
Egan Ceara Miss
Fennell Patrick Mr
Gaehler Ferguson Mr
Glide Stephanie Miss
Gruber Teddy Mr
Hall Lynda Ms
Hibbert Stuart Mr
Hill Elizabeth Miss
Hostler Thomas Mr
Jenkins Christopher Mr
Jenkins Clare Mrs
Jones Rachel Mrs
Karam Roya Miss
Keys Jason Mr
Knox Joanna Mrs
MacGregor Hayley Miss
Mackula Alexander Mr
MacLaren Mitchell Mr
Malley James Mr
Martin Marianne Mrs
McArthur Louise Miss
Miller Emma Miss
Moon David Mr
Moorhouse Robert Mr
Mundy Bethan Miss
Murtagh Charlotte Miss
Phillips Stephen Mr
Pickett Helen Mrs
Place Jeff Mr
Ranford Rosie Ms
Rennie Gayle Ms
Reynoldson Joanna Miss
Rolfe Lauren Miss
Rosewell Alexandra Miss
Rowland Anne Ms
Sandy Kelly Mrs
Sime Paula Mrs
Stemp Susannah Mrs
Thornton Tom Mr
Turton Joanna Miss
Upson Caroline Ms
Walker Fiona Miss
Warman Lianne Miss
Woodroffe Nicola Mrs
Worrall-Thompson Paul Mr

Support Staff

Ashby Jill Mrs
Barnes Adam Mr
Beastall Philip Mr
Benham Jackie Miss
Benjafield Zoe Miss
Braddick Deborah Mrs
Cassar Jan Mrs
Clarke Paul Mr
Collett David Mr
Davis Amy Miss
Donhue Deborah Mrs
Downs Karen Mrs
Duddy Toni Mrs
Eaton Jeannette Miss
Foster Sue Mrs
Frost Rhys Mr
Galvin Pamela Mrs
Gamache Jenny Mrs
Gill Natalie Mrs
Gough John Mr
Harvey Chris Mrs
Hogben James Mr
Hughes Annette Mrs
Kelly Jo Ms
Kennard Nicola Mrs
Kopieczek Melitta Mrs
Major Jenny Mrs
McArthur Tanya Mrs
Nicholas Denise Mrs
O'Dell Marie Miss
Purdue Trudie Mrs
Ray Janet Mrs
Robinson Jackie Mrs
Smith Katherine Mrs
Squire Hillary Mrs
Squire Samantha Mrs
Stimpson Caroline Mrs
Swart Nakita Miss
Wessell Philip Mr
Young Mandy Mrs