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  • June 2019 Exam Certificates

'This is Therfield' Summer 2018

Tuesday 17th July

We’ve had a fantastic last few weeks of term with some very special events providing students with great opportunities to demonstrate their many qualities and skills. 

Last Friday saw a super Sports Day. There was a tremendous atmosphere of competitive athletics although in a terrific spirit of support for each other. Congratulations to Polesden on a hard fought victory. 

Last week 30 students braved the heat to undertake their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition. The conditions were much different from their practice where it rained constantly for the 3 days! All students hiked for over 50 km to successfully complete the requirements for the Expedition component of the award. Well done to them all, they truly demonstrate TherfieldPROUD and Therfield’s core values of resilience and independence. 

Monday 9th saw 190 Year 5 students arrive at Therfield’s gates to take part in the annual Sports & MFL Festival, organised by Miss Ashburner & Mr Berryman but run by a huge and enthusiastic team of Year 8, 9 and 10 student leaders. The Year 5s all started in the E corridor, learning a selection of sports-related words to shout at one another during the day (e.g. but! (goal) patate! (idiot) and bien sauvé! (good save!). A third of the students went out to play handball, a third went to play football, and a third stayed in the MFL department. They learned how to say what they thought about different Olympic events and describe their favourite sportsmen in French, and getting their first taste of German and learning how to give simple opinions about sports. The three groups swapped round over the course of the morning, meeting up in the middle for some very welcome squash and biscuits on the astro. It was an incredibly hot morning, but all the students involved kept up their energy levels and did an amazing job. The Year 5s were enthusiastic and ready to join in with everything, and the Therfield student leaders were lively and helpful, patient and humorous and everything a good teacher or trainer should be. Thank you to Trinity, West Ashtead and Oakfield schools for taking part and helping us organise the logistics, for all the primary staff for their support, and to all the students involved. A special congratulations to the Year 9 language leaders, who have now completed the programme and were awarded with their MFL colours on Wednesday evening.

It was also lovely to see Sophie Elphick who is doing a teaching work experience placement at West Ashtead and took part herself as a language leader back in Year 9.

Key Stage 3 Prizegiving was a fantastic evening. The Therfield Trust yet again provided a VIP welcome for the award winners and their families. As you can see from the photos below everyone had a proud smile and it was a real pleasure  for all of the adults present to celebrate the achievements of so many hardworking young people. The Therfield Trust have put together a great  presentation of the evening. Please follow the link below: 

The final Thursday of term saw our Summer Concert. I though that the performances were the “best ever”.  There were so many highlights, but for me as Headteacher the aspect which made me most proud was the deep support that students showed for each other. I’m sure the togetherness and sense of team that was so strong made for even better performances. Well done to all involved.  It’s amazing to think that by the time of the Autumn Term concert we will be very close to moving into our new Drama Studio.  

Finally our Mufti Day on the final Friday of term raised funds for the Queen Elizabeth Foundation charity. At lunchtime the Therfield Trust arranged to sell ice creams and, of course, to Sponge the Teacher. I’m sure you’ll agree from the photos below that Messrs Hostler, Thornton, Jenkins and MacLaren were terrific sports. 

So we are at our Curriculum Enrichment Days with a range of amazing opportunities for our students to take part in. I will update you regarding these in the first Blog in September. I hope that everyone connected with our school has a safe, fun and relaxing summer holiday.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Tuesday 3rd July

I’m very privileged every year to present 12 students in Years 7-10 with the Headteacher Award.  This is our most prestigious award and a student can only achieve it once in their time at Therfield.  As well as a badge, a formal presentation of the award at Prizegiving the award comes with a Reward Trip to London.  Last Thursday this year’s “Dynamic Dozen”, their adult supporters (parents, siblings or grandparents) Mr Thornton and I went for a lunch cruise on the River Thames.  With clear skies and a fresh breeze it was a glorious day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Congratulations to this year’s winners who are listed below.

Caitlin M

Emily L

Jacob T

Max S

Tallulah F

Ashley S

Hannah S

Ibrahim M

Roman S

Louis C

Isobel M

Ben E

Last week, a group of ten Year 7 and 8 students from the CoIN Centre spent a day at Juniper Hall. The first activity was orienteering. The students were divided into teams and given maps of the grounds. Each team was then given a different letter to first find on the map and then find the flag on the ground with a stamp to prove they had got there. As they found each letter they ran back to base and were given a new one. It became quite competitive and involved lots of running.

Still full of energy, the students (and slightly less energetic staff!) headed up the hill for a picnic lunch in the woods. This was followed by a shelter building activity. Two groups of 5 went head to head to try and build a shelter from logs and sticks. The shelter had to fit all five members and be waterproof. The latter was tested by Kayleigh, our guide for the day, who merrily threw water over the teams. Luckily, it was a very hot day because everyone got a bit wet.

We then headed down the hill to be met by a blazing camp fire - not ideal on such a hot day but the toasted marshmallows made it worthwhile!

We have had a very busy period of exams with students in all year groups knuckling down to the challenges of revision and the rigours of an end of course or end of year test.  The students’ attitude towards this central plank of our “Culture of Achievement” has been excellent.  In my view the most important part of the whole process is to learn from the successes and areas to improve when you receive feedback from your teachers and I was impressed by lessons in the last week where students were reflecting on and improving the work they produced in these exams.

Of course for our Year 11 students, after taking the most rigorous set of GCSE examinations ever, the opportunity to celebrate with friends and staff at the Year 11 Prom was taken with considerable gusto.  This year the Prom was held at Denbie’s Wine Estate and it provided a superb setting on a beautiful mid-summer evening.  Our students looked fantastic and it was a privilege to see their togetherness as they enjoyed letting their hair down.

The Drama Studio build is progressing well as you will have seen from the Twitter photos.  We are expecting the steel structure to be put in place before the end of term which will give us a really great sense of what the final studio will be like.  So far things have gone to plan and we’re optimistic that lessons will commence in the studio soon after Christmas.

Sports Day is upon us and in the last week Year 8 and Year 10 have undertaken their field events.  There has been a terrific atmosphere as students strain their sinews with strong encouragement and support from their peers.  Particular mention should go to Artus I who broke the discus record which has been unbroken since they were first recorded, back in 1981.  Congratulations Arturs and we’re looking forward to seeing you compete at the Paris Olympics in 2024!  

The other record breakers are:

Shannon B Year 8 for Shot Putt,
Caitlin K Year 10 for Shot Putt  
Tara M Year 10 for Triple Jump.

Currently, it is 3-1 to the Girls on Records Broken so far…

So my final Blog of the year will update you regarding Year 7 Induction Days, Duke of Edinburgh expedition, Sports Day, Prizegiving and the end of term Concert.  It’s fantastic that there is still so much to look forward to as we enter July.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Friday 15th June

As you are probably aware by now work has begun on our long-awaited Drama Studio. This has followed a lot of behind the scenes work from Therfield staff (for well over a decade!) as well as support from governors and colleagues from Surrey County Council and the architects and builders involved.   This is a really exciting development and will create a Performing Arts hubs where I’m confident dramatic and musical creativity and energy will abound.  We will keep you updated as to the progress of the build in this Blog.  Funding this project, in the current funding landscape, is a challenge for the school and Therfield Trust will be supporting us with this.  If any reader would like to make a donation to the Trust to support this project please email [email protected]

In February 2018 a group of Year 9 students who are part of the Peer Mentor programme received training on Emotional Well-being. This was led by Jo Brill from Headsmart and following the training the Year 9 students have a new title ‘Well-being Ambassador’. Over the next few months the Year 9 ‘Well-being Ambassadors’ devised action plans to implement the five ways into their life and to create student-led strategic plans to educate and impact the whole school on wellbeing.

This week these Well-Being Ambassadors taught Year 7 about the 5 ways to Well-Being to help raise awareness of mental health needs and the importance of personal well-being showing them how to look after their own mental health and to help them recognise if they need to improve their well-being. The students also taught about the signposting pathways should they themselves or a fellow student need professional help and support.

Head Smart is a peer-led Wellbeing Ambassador programme funded by Mindsight Surrey CAMHS.  Eikon delivered a programme to develop Wellbeing Ambassadors at Therfield School who will in turn be able to help other students to think about their own mental health and the practical things they can do to promote positive wellbeing.   A ‘Wellbeing Ambassador’ promotes well-being in school through education, activities, events and whole school communication.

Congratulations to Hannah Munro, Jordan Nicolle, and Hannah Rothwell who have received their Gold Duke of Edinburgh

At the end of last term a group of Year 7 students were given the opportunity to spend a day at the Festival of Chemistry event at Guildford University. They experienced exciting hands-on practical chemistry, team working, independent problem solving and chemistry demonstrations. Caitlin, Year 7 has written about the day:

Today we had great fun.  After the introduction we had a forensics challenge where we had to use our knowledge of chromatography, acids and alkalis.  This was the Salter’s Challenge.  Next we had lunch.

After lunch we had the University Challenge, where we had to use natural ingredients to make dyes for fabric e.g. beetroot and red cabbage.  Then we had a magic show that taught us ‘A’ level science. 

Finally we had Prizegiving when sadly,  we found out that we hadn’t won any of the challenges but all participating schools got at least two prizes – 1) the experience and 2) a pack of pens and notepads and also these cool pom pom things.  It was an experience I won’t forget.

Throughout this week volunteers from a number of local businesses including KBR, WATES, Tony Gee, CGI, Menzies and Unum conducted mock interviews with our Year 10 students. 

The purpose of the week was to give students experience of a formal interview and build on and apply skills that they developed last term  through application and Interview  workshops run by Unilever and Global Eloquence. This is an invaluable exercise that helps them consider their employability skills and how to sell themselves so they can improve for future interviews. It was great to see students engaging well and feedback from the students has been very positive:

“The interview was a great insight into what I should expect in future and has calmed my previous nerves about how to act and what to say in a formal meeting.”  Paddy T

“I thought the mock interviews were very useful as it gave a realistic insight to how it will be when we go for our own jobs in the future. Personally, I was a bit nervous at first but kept it cool on the surface. I now feel that next time I go for an interview, I will go in more confident with any feedback that I have been given or any small lessons that I have learnt from my experience.” Aodhan S

“I found that following the interview I felt much more confident in talking with adults about future plans and it taught me what to expect when I do apply for a real job.”  Louis C

Our Year 12s have had a very busy Higher Education, Careers and Mindfulness week with a variety of activities. There were a multitude of workshops and talks on how to write their personal statements for university applications, how to write their CVs for jobs, how to use meditation and yoga to improve attainment, what they need to do to offer a competitive application for Oxbridge universities, what student life is like at university and many opportunities within apprenticeships as well as gap year. We have welcomed many external speakers from University of Surrey, Kingston University, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford, East Surrey College, Unilever and gap year providers BUNAC. It has been great to see how our Year 12s immersed themselves in all activities with enthusiasm and finished the week off much more informed about their future planning. 

Last weekend 68 students set out on their Qualifying Expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. After horrendous weather for the Practice weekend the students and staff were thankful for a much dryer experience for the 20km hike over Saturday and Sunday. Congratulations to all students for successfully completing this element of the award.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Friday 25th May

Ocean acidification and micro plastics in the ocean are two massive issues that are concerning humans, so Geography and Science joined together to be part of the Arctic Live broadcast investigations. We joined with other schools from around the world in two separate investigations; testing the acidity of the oceans and how this affects marine life and micro-plastics with the ocean. The students had a great time creating these experiments and following the Scientist broadcasting live from the Arctic – we even had a shout out!

On Friday 18th May Miss Ashburner and Mr Hostler had the pleasure of accompanying the year 9 language leaders to the Greville school. The team of 18 students had kept going with the programme even while Miss Ashburner was off work for half a term with a broken leg, and had communicated via email and organised the training sessions themselves. This stood them in very good stead for their first real-life teaching experience which they dealt with confidently and professionally, cooperating with one another to plan their sessions and the resources they needed. They worked with all of year 4, teaching them possible answers to a range of questions which they put together as a short dialogue by the end of each session. The year 4s had an amazing time and enjoyed all the activities as well as admiring the year 9s who seemed almost like adults (when we went in one of them said “how are they so big?!”). At the end of the sessions the language leaders were able to nominate some students and write certificates to be presented in their awards assembly. Here are some quotes from the language leaders themselves, as well as a few pictures of the morning…. The next challenge is to organise the annual Sports and MFL festival on 9th July, and the language leaders and sports leaders are looking forward to welcoming members of our local primaries to the event.

We were very excited to have been awarded a grant of £29,500 from The Savoy Education Trust allowing us to totally modernise and refurbish one of the school kitchens.

The improvements allow the students to experience their food technology in a state-of-the-art environment and give all students the opportunity to participate in practical skills during their lessons.  N5 was completely refurbished and the students are now using the state of the art food technology room.

The Therfield Trust generously agreed to part fund the project committing to a £12,000 target. I am delighted to say that £10,000  has already been allocated and the Trust has now launched a new fundraiser to reach that winning line. You should have received an email from The Therfield Trust asking for your support by organising a ‘Meet Up’ details below.  Please show your support in any way.

On the 11th and 12th May, 72 students braved the changeable weather hone their navigation and camp skills in their practice expedition for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. All students successfully completed the requirements to undertake the qualifying expedition in June. Congratulations to all students involved!

Wishing you a restful halt term break with your families.


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley

Friday 4th May

We’ve had an excellent start to the Summer Term.  Like all of the south of England we had a ‘July’ start to term with very hot conditions.  Of course normal spring service has been resumed since!  That first ‘hot’ week was exceptional for the school because of our amazing “School of Rock” Production.  As Headteacher I sat in awe of the talent on display from over 100 students as actors, singers, musicians and artists all of whom came together to create a show that was full of energy, vigour and sheer class.  Over 1000 people (ages 9 to 90!) saw the show over its three performances and I felt that Therfield’s Performing Arts department had once again “ raised the bar.”  My gratitude goes to so many adults (school staff, parents and other helpers and volunteers) who supported the production and especially to Mr Moon and Miss Glide who produced and directed such an amazing show.  I’m already looking forward to the next one!

This year, the Therfield Engineering Club has been learning about different Engineering careers by participating in a different competition every week – the competitions always involve an eye for design, teamwork and resourcefulness. On Thursday 26th April the club was able to check out all of the amazing STEM work being done by Middlesex University at a STEM Fair held at Thorpe Park. The students got to take control of Super Mario by using their body as a controller, program Myrtle robots, compete against each other in Stereoscopic 3D, use a headset to play games that are controlled by focusing the mind and relaxing, and control a micro Scalextric just by using signals from their brain (the students that concentrate the hardest go quicker, some students were surprisingly good at this!). After all of this there was still some time to enjoy the rides – William Elphick, Thomas Els, Harry Gregory, Danny Hoff, Owen Lewis, Molly Lisle, Jack Renouf, Roman Scottow, Sannu Shahi, Amy Wild and Andre Viljoen were amazing ambassadors for the school, with many of the STEM Fair staff commenting on how much more engaged the Therfield students were compared to the other school groups.

Three of our Year 7s, Kasia W, Emily L and Adrianna F, participated in the Year 7 & Spelling Bee South-East regional final in Eastbourne.  They were 3 of 44 winners present who had won through from an initial participating group of over 20,000. The challenge before them, to name and spell in 1 minute as many French words as possible from a randomized selection of 150 words. The girls did not win through to the next round but in true Therfield style, they led the way being the first 3 competitors to take the stand. All 3 did extremely well and I am very proud of their achievements.


My thanks must also go to Mrs Wood for having been such a willing and involved parent helper.

Of course the exam season is nearly upon us and it won’t be long until the Hall is set out with rows of desks.  Although perhaps daunting and certainly a challenge there’s something special about taking on the challenges that a set of GCSEs or A Levels present.  Students can look forward to a date in June when they can look back at a “race well run” with pride and a sense of achievement.  I’ve been immensely impressed by the application, effort of our students during the final steps of their preparation for the exams.  I’m also hugely grateful for the work of adults in roles across the school in supporting our students.  Of course, whilst the ‘desk’ exams commence in May, in the last fortnight we’ve had GCSE Art and PE exams go ahead.  Of course we don’t get final results until August, but students worked extremely hard and produced some stunning outcomes in both subjects.  Well done!


“Be Kind.  Work Hard.  Play Hard.  Enjoy Yourself.”


James Malley