GASP Motor Project Award Winner

Our huge congratulations go to Sean Simmonds who last night received an award from the GASP Motor ...

Antarctica Expedition Presentation

On Wednesday 12th October, Therfield School had an exciting visit from Alexander Finch. He had rec...

Art & Photography Exhibition 2016

  The A-Level Art and Photography Exhibition will be open to students, parents and all staff on W...

Guys And Dolls Performance

  “Therfield School are thrilled at the response we have had about our performance of Guys and Do...

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  • GASP Motor Project Award Winner

  • Antarctica Expedition Presentation

  • Art & Photography Exhibition 2016

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FAQ: Academic Tutoring

What is Academic Tutoring?

Academic tutoring is a 15 minute 1:1 appointment between students and  a member of staff. A discussion will be held discussing the student’s current performance. Parents are more than welcome to attend.

When is Academic Tutoring?

Academic Tutoring happens twice a year, usually in November and February.

How does Academic tutoring work?

During the appointment discussions are held about a student’s progress using relevant data. This identifies each student’s strengths and areas for development and helps students to take more responsibility for their learning.

What happens during the interview? 

Personal SMART targets will be set and recorded. These targets will be based on attendance, academic attainment and the ROPE.

What next?

The targets will then be reviewed on a regular basis. Once achieved a reward will be issued in line with the school’s reward policy.


End Faq