Therfield Presents Alice in Wonderland

Therfield presents   Alice in Wonderland   Wednesday 24th April 2019   Thursday 25th April 2...

French Immersion Activity Trip

A group of 28 year 9, 10 and 11 French students embarked on a brand new trip to the Château de la ...

PGL – Netball and Football Tour

On March 1st – 3rd 2019, Therfield School netball team took part in a PGL tournament weekend, offi...

Careers Fair 2019

The Careers Fair involves every Therfield student. It’s a privilege as Headteacher to observe the ...

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  • French Immersion Activity Trip

  • PGL – Netball and Football Tour

  • Careers Fair 2019

On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July, the Year 7 cohort collaborated in a one day ‘DT Workshop’ which enabled them to bake, decorate and package cupcakes.

Students spent the morning of their DT Workshop day, baking their cupcakes from the raw ingredients which they measured out. In addition, Year 7 students prepared a butter cream topping which would later be piped onto the top of the cakes. Students also spent time in the Art department decorating cupcake boxes and making their own card cake stands according to the theme of ‘Nature’. Pupils worked in groups to produce packaging which employed the skills they have been learning during their Year 7 Therfield journey so far this year. Students used coloured paper, natural forms such as leaves and flowers, paint, oil pastel, pencil and pen to devise a surface decoration for their packaging, in keeping with their intended cupcake decoration. After break, students attended a cake topping seminar in the Sports Hall, watching how to create a caterpillar, toadstools, butterflies and animal print patterns from icing. Students were sat at tables in their groups and were totally captivated during the 30 minute demonstration. Pupils watched in total silence as the seminar was projected using a camera onto the hall wall. This enabled Year 7 students to see close up and first-hand how to construct these cake topping ‘sculptures’, using water and a cake brush to ‘stick’ each icing shape together. Students learnt how to mix coloured icing together and roll it out to merge shapes before cutting out their intended designs. Students created their cake topping ‘sculptures’ before lunch to allow them to cool over the break. Students re-assembled in the Food Technology department after lunch to add their topping designs to cupcakes. Their masterpieces were ‘complete’ when finally presented in their stands/boxes, which complemented their cake designs. Students enjoyed a show and tell presentation, with Food Technology prizes awarded to ‘most inventive approach to theme (cake stand and cake box)’ and ‘most exciting icing cake topper design’. In conclusion, pupils were able to view each other’s and work with a cup of squash and sample their creations in celebration of their learning and achievement.